About Our Gharana

Birth Of The Idea

When was the last time you danced to your favourite tune? When was the last time you jammed with your buddies?tune? When was the last time your brush touched the canvas? One evening over tea, two friends found themselves asking the same questions. Having bonded over art for 15 long years, they had suddenly found themselves trapped in the maze of a busy life. It was in that moment that the idea of Art Gharana took birth.

Who Are We

Early childhood is the best time to embark on a journey of learning. A child learns to draw before it learns to write. Children today are born into technology and for the lack of the right opportunity at the right time end up spending all their precious years on tablets and laptops.Art appeals to the senses. Learning an art form brings one closer to the natural world, a much needed respite in the modern era of robots and microchips. Art sets the mind free, and once one comes in touch with one’s senses, there is no limit to the feats achievable. We at Art Gharana bring the world closer to art. We provide individual training in art forms by highly trained and accomplished teachers and art practitioners, a platform to individuals for training in an art form of their choice.

What’s In A Name

India has had a long tradition of Gharanas of dance and music. Back in the day, evenings would be spent singing and dancing within communities. We provide an opportunity to connect with the roots of Indian culture, with an added advantage of exploring arts forms from round the globe. Art forms that are generally deemed reserved for a certain section of individuals, available for every enthusiast, every learner. An Art Gharana for all.

What’s On Offer

From music to dance, from photography to painting, we bring to you a diverse range of art forms under a single roof. Undivided attention to each student, with a one-on-one training structure, as we make sure each class is disruption-free. Classes conducted in 100% live sessions, by teachers with years of experience of in person and online teaching.